Mechanical Engineering Technical Interview Questions

Mechanical Engineering Technical Interview Questions

BHEL Mechanical Engineering Technical Interview Questions, 2020

The interview panel was comprising of 8 members in which 7-persons were Male and 1-person was Female.
BHEL interview was conducted completely in English and no hindi word was allowed.
1. The interviewer will start with the general introduction like what is your name and its mean?
2. When u have passed out? What have you done after that?
3. Whats the nature of the job in present employment.
4. What is your Strengths?
5. What have you Cherished in your previous company.
6. What are your achievements?
7. What BHEL do?
8. What do you know about various power plant equipment?
9. What does BHEL manufacture?
10. What do you know about super critical Boiler?
11. What is the triple point of water.(to confuse with critical temp and press). Give data.
12. What do you know about Steam turbine?
13. Explain Regeneration and reheating. Which is more beneficial?
14. What can we do to increase the efficiencyand  work of Rankine Cycle?
15. What do you know about supercritical boilers.
16. With example. Explain. Is steam engine also a boiler?? Why it is called boiler instead of vapouriser?
17. If selected in IOCL ONGC NTPC AND BHEL. Where would you join. Why?
18. Which type of pump is Fuel injection pump? (options were- it is used in diesel locomotives)(positive displacement pump aur centrifugal pump)
19. Differencate between supercharging and scavenging.
20. Give the other Names of constant volume, constant Pressure, constant Temperature, constant Enthalpy, constant Entropy process.
21. What is Thermal expansion in metals?
22. How would you apply your skills in BHEL?
23. Why do we use 4 stroke engine over 2 stroke engine?
24. How does the combustion take place in diesel engine?
25. What would happen If we use petrol in diesel engine?
26. Will the maicrowave heat a substance that doesn’t have water?
27. What is scavenging?
28. What is Supercharging?
29. Which engine is more efficient Compression ignition (CI) or Spark-ignition (SI) engine?
30. How the heat is transferred in the boilers?
31. Total power capacity of India?
32. What type of role are u seeking in BHEL?
33. Applications of fluid mechanics in aircrafts? Then aerofoil?
34. Heat transfer applications in industry?
35. Types of valves? Valve for safety purpose?
36. Gear manufacturing methods?
37. What does casue the viscosity of gases?
38. What is the Boiling point of gylcerine?
39. If we use  air cooled I.C. engine rather than water cooled then what will be the effects?
40. Quality control tools?

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